Our approach

Zarkos-Smith offers a unique integrated approach to pig nutrition and feed management, which considers all elements of pork production. Integrating nutritional, veterinary, environmental and genetic data to maximise on-unit profitability.

As the UK’s leading independent pig nutrition and consultancy service, we adopt a long-term, result driven approach to working alongside our customers, throughout the UK and the rest of Europe.

Working together with our technical team (SwiNco) from Holland, our team of experts advises over 1 million sows throughout the world. Our mission is to providing a nutritional link to success through optimizing performance and caring for our customers.

Five Unique Advantages:

  • Rapid Solutions
  • Independent from feed and raw material suppliers
  • Continual farm visits, data monitoring and customer contact
  • Pioneering research based advice and information
  • International pig-farming knowledge and experience

Our Step-By-Step Approach:
we measure, so that you can manage

Our step-by-step approach ensures that each individual feed formulation is formulated, tested and continually monitored to optimise performance.

Step 1: Initial farm visit to gather key data

Step 2: Feed Audit of raw materials and finished feeds

Step 3: Assessment of current farm performance and identification of key areas for improvement

Step 4: Application of feed programme

Step 5: Review of programme effectiveness

Step 6: Continual monitoring of programme