Our solutions

Our Solutions solely exist to move your business forward. We provide a complete service for each stage of pork production, focussing on feed and feed management. With a wealth of international experience and resources, alongside on-farm statistical data modelling and data analysis we have developed a range of solutions that are tailored to your business.

The Opticare Piglet range consists of four unique feeds, providing a complete package of liquid and solid milk products for young piglets, designed specifically to ease the transition from sow milk to post weaning feed.

Opticare Sow is our long-term approach to working with our customer's to maintain continuous improvement. Our concept focuses on optimising sow performance through a tailor made solution designed for each unit.

Our innovative approach is pioneering in the use and development of Omega-3 products in feed formulation. Our omega 3 range is designed to maximise productivity, fertility and health.

We design tailor made Premixes and Concentrates based on the availability of raw materials. As well as optimising premixes for home mill and mix systems we work alongside a number of national feed mills to formulate cost affective diets delivered to your unit.

We trade and source a number of Specialist Commodities. We recommonded contacting us at the office to see what we have available.