Gradual Weaning:

Learn to eat, Learn to digest

Our piglet solutions are centred on the ‘Gradual Weaning’ concept, establishing early physiological changes of the digestive tract, to maximise growth potential throughout a pig’s life.

The gradual weaning concept combines our tailor made feed programmes that encourage feed intake whilst promoting physiological changes of the gut, teaching the piglet to digest other sources of nutrients other than sow milk (Learn to eat, Learn to digest). We believe these PROVEN concepts carry many health, management and production benefits that start in the farrowing house and follow the pig throughout its life.

The Opticare range consists of four unique feeds, providing a complete package of liquid and solid milk products for young piglets, designed specifically to ease the transition from sow milk to post weaning feed.

The best start after colostrum

The best liquid starter

The best start for young piglets

The best start for young piglets

The Opticare range has been designed to be fed dry, in bowls or through our very own automated solution

OPTICARE Milk Cup system