Compliment your feeding system

Home mill and mix

We design tailor made premixes and concentrates that compliment your system. The optimisation of premixes and concentrates are based on analysis of the available raw materials

Compound feed mills

We work with a number of feed mills throughout the country to optimise and formulate cost effective diets, delivered to your unit

Feed Auditing

We provide a comprehensive annual feed audit and report for all of our customers

  • A feed audit is carried out to ensure that formulated diets are representative of the feed milled and mixed on-farm
  • Tests include general feed analysis of finished feed and individual raw materials carried out by NIR, grind size testing and a test to see if the mill is mixing correctly, (manganese distribution test)
  • Additional tests can be carried out by wet chemistry analysis. This is more accurate if anomalies arise
  • Dry matter tests of raw materials and finished feed for Liquid feeders
  • The audit focusses solely on feed indicators that help to promote the reduction of FCRs, lower cost per kilo and ultimately maximise farm profitability