Yellow milk cup for Opticare feed system

Opticare introduces a striking yellow cup for liquid milk products for young piglets in farrowing pens and rescue decks.

They choose to do this because the color is contrasting with the majority of floors in the housing of young piglets. Many farrowing pens have a green, blue or generally dark background.

Contrast in color important
Color contrast is important for piglets. The eyesight of these animals is not great at birth. In comparison to us, these young animals (but also older pigs) have an eyesight of 25 to 30 percent. Not only is the color of objects is important, but especially the contrast with the surrounding area.
As the yellow milk cup stand out more, piglets are more likely to be attracted to the cup and achieve a higher feed intake. The effect is especially noticeable when the cups are placed on the floor in the piglet housing. A the current market leader the yellow cup is also improved with a high quality plastic and a flat bottom that provides improved hygiene.

Total package milk
Zarkos-Smith Associates supplies with Opticare a full range of liquid and solid milk products. The Opticare range consists of five unique varieties, specially made for young piglets to ease the transition from sow's milk to pellet feed.

The ultimate goal: a piglet which is growing fast in the farrowing pen, can easily be weaned and realizes a high feed intake after weaning. Opticare can also be used for gradually weaning and rescue decks.